Club Team travel Accommodations

As rooms become available for 2022 tournaments, we will update this page. Please check back frequently to see the updated list. You will also be notified via email when rooms are available for tournaments you’re attending. These hotels are ONLY for The Academy, Grand Park, and Boiler Juniors players, families, and coaches. These hotels are for ALL Academy Family teams of different levels. All travel tournaments that any team is attending is listed below. 


  • Families are responsible for booking their individual rooms.
  • Families may stay at a different hotel, with family/friends in the area, etc. (ONLY for non-stay to play tournaments)
  • If a tournament is labeled STAY TO PLAY, families MUST stay in one of the hotels that are listed. 
  • You do not need to stay Friday night if you have an afternoon wave Saturday, though we suggest initially reserving a room for Friday night since tournament schedules haven’t been released yet.
  • If a team would like to coordinate what hotel they’re at, it needs to be done through the team representative.