Boys 2023-24 Club Season

Boys Club is here! Are you Ready? 

Tryout Details

Join The Academy for our tenth season and continue a legacy with us! We have boys club teams for ages 14s – 18s at two levels (Elite & Regional). Athletes should attend as many tryout sessions as possible for their age group.

  • All Ages will begin on September 8th. See the full schedule below.


  • $75 for ALL Age Groups


Questions? Contact Andrew Fuller at 

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Tryout Dates and Times

Dates Time
Sunday, September 8th 6:30 PM -8:30 PM
Monday, September 9th 6:30 PM -8:30 PM
Wednesday, September 11th 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


Will coaches be assigned by tryouts?

Yes! We have a great coaching staff lined up that we will start announcing in early September. We will announce it on social media as well as our website. 

When do practices start?

Regardless of when you make a team, practices and training will start in early October!

What if I can't attend the tryout dates? We will be out of town.

Communication is great to help the staff know what to expect! Contact Andrew or Brad with conflicts. 

If I tryout and don't make a team, what are my options, or will everyone make a team?

If you do not make a team we will try to create programming in the winter. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a spot for everyone including the rule of three which will impact our schools. We are going to work our absolute hardest to find a home for everyone however!